Take Control of Your Air Quality

With professional air duct cleaning services in Cohoes & Troy, NY and throughout the Capital Region

Keeping your ducts clean can prevent a number of problems in your residential or commercial property. Edgeco Environmental in Cohoes & Troy, NY offers seasonal duct cleaning services to keep your indoor air clean and flowing smoothly. With safe and effective duct cleaning, you can trust our experts to improve your air quality and, in the case of dryer vents, reduce the chance of fire.

Reach out to us in Cohoes & Troy, NY to learn more about our air duct cleaning services today.

As air flows through your home or office, dust and contaminants can get stuck in your ductwork and cause poor indoor air quality. Edgeco Environmental offers a variety of air duct cleaning services, including:

Inspections - We'll check your entire duct system, including dryer ducts, to see if cleaning is necessary.
Brushing - Brushing can remove dirt and allergens from your ductwork without causing damage.
Suctioning - If a duct is clogged or severely dirty, we use a suction tool to loosen and clear away the debris.

Before you crank up your HVAC unit this season, schedule our duct cleaning services to ensure your air is safe to breathe.