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Get oil tank removal services in Cohoes, NY and throughout the Capital Region

A lot of older homes and businesses used to run on oil appliances. If you have an old, decommissioned oil tank in your home, Edgeco Environmental in Cohoes, NY can safely remove it for you. We have the right equipment and skill for underground oil tank removal. We can even provide you with a certificate of completion for future selling reference.

We can also assist with spill cleanups. Contact us today to schedule our oil tank removal services in Cohoes, NY.

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A professional approach to environmental cleanups

When you need an old oil tank removed, turn to Edgeco Environmental. Our full-service oil tank removal includes:

Standard or Decommissioned Oil Tanks

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Oil Tank Removal

Call for Estimate

Homeowners will call when there is a possible underground oil tank that is not visually apparent on a property. Our estimator will probe the ground to identify the location of the oil tank. An indicator inside of a home would be capped or uncapped pipes protruding from a block or cement wall in the basement. The estimate would be based on the location of the tank, either underground or sometimes in the basement.

Removing the tank

Edgeco Environmental will first identify the location of the tank to be removed. If there are any contents left in the tank, it would be pumped out then removed. An underground tank outside the home, would require excavation of the soil surrounding the tank at its location. The tank would then be lifted out of ground and removed from the property. The surrounding ground would be checked for any leaks that occurred and any contaminated soil would also be removed.
Edgeco Environmental will provide fill to ground level at the location of removed tank.