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If you've found mold in your home or office, don't hesitate to call Edgeco Environmental in Cohoes, NY. Long-term exposure to mold can cause serious health risks, so your mold remediation can't wait.

We provide in-depth mold removal services, treating dangerous mold growth and keeping your family and your business safe. We can create a ventilation or fan system in your basement or crawlspace to prevent moisture and mold growth.

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Mold Remediation in Cohoes and Troy, NY

Don't let mold affect your health

Edgeco Environmental provides thorough mold removal services, making sure to rid your home or business of future mold concerns. Our mold experts will:

Seal off areas of your home to prevent mold from spreading during remediation.
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Mold Information

Determination of Mold Presence at a Property:

This process begins with a home inspection requested by the property owner performed by a NYS Licensed Home Inspector who can be a Certified Mold Assessor. They will provide a written /electronic report on the findings and determination of mold presence to the property owner.


This process will begin with a written analytical survey of the property by a Certified Mold Assessor to determine the most effective, least disruptive remediation method, based on mold type and location as well as the extent of damages and exposure. The most common spaces are the attic of the home and/or the basement. Once the source of moisture is discovered and corrected, the mold removal can begin. Unless the source of moisture is first removed or contained, mold growth is likely to reoccur.


The client will call us to set up an appointment for our Job Estimator to visit the property and review the areas in question highlighted in the Mold Assessors Report. Edgeco Environmental then generates a written estimate that is emailed with details discussed with client for their approval, and then will call for an appointment to complete the remediation.


This is usually determined as to the primary cause of mold development in attic spaces. We are able to correct this problem by several options we provide to adequately ventilate the attic space. This can sometime be accomplished by pushing back or removing some of attic insulation that could be inhibiting proper ventilation though the soffits. An option to increase inadequate air flow would be to install of a Ridge Vent and at the top of a roof space or soffits if requested. A second option is to provide and install an Attic or Gable Fan.


Edgeco Environmental can also provide additional construction services needed to repair or replace damaged walls, ceilings windows or doors do to a mold issue.